Driving mobile business growth

Minimob is a world-class mobile marketing and advertising platform that enables publishers and brands to identify, engage, convert and retain their mobile audiences.

What is performance-based advertising?

Performance-based is an emerging form of advertising that allows marketers to achieve 100% measurable results, like user registrations and purchases.

The Minimob solution

for publishers

Allows for the best offers to be accessed in real-time, providing instant monetization of traffic.

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring actions of users before installing (and after using) an app.

  • Performance metrics

    Helping you precisely evaluate the performance of an ad.

  • Transparency

    Minimob offers full visibility on offers and creatives so you can see what's being advertised.

  • High quality

    Achievement of subscription, retention and conversion rates for CPI and CPI/CPA campaigns.

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The Minimob solution

for advertisers

Hit your KPIs through an increased volume of active users and quality of audience reached.

  • Easy

    Easy integration of the SDK or a simple API string into the app

  • Quick

    Instant account setup and campaign monitoring.

  • Better payouts

    Increased payouts for multiple ads.

  • Value for money

    Optimized results based on your available budget.

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