Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has achieved much - and probably received more hype than almost any other mobile service. But the truth is, mobile marketing campaigns can literally bring a country to a halt with nationwide participation in promotions, or stop a person in the street with the right message, at the right place and at the right time. Master them here.

Monetize mobile traffic

Our success is tied to our performance; leverage our extensive experience and comprehensive technology to design, manage and execute your next ARPU-boosting promotion - or generate significant revenue returns on your existing traffic. We are purely measured by our results.

Thrill your customers

Knowing your customer is a cherished marketing goal, but InternetQ has written the playbook on incentivizing subscribers to opt‐in and connect with brands in exchange for extraordinary prizes and thrilling rewards. A large scale promotion typically lasts 90 days yet yields long‐lasting benefits, capturing valuable data and creating customer insight. 

Deliver captivating content

InternetQ has wonderfully adept platforms that enable its clients to run multiple large scale promotional campaigns that captivate audiences; creating brand experiences that elevate your market profile. For mobile operators the outcome is straightforward; InternetQ provides a direct way to boost revenue, reduce churn and underpin loyalty programs.