Mobile Entertainment

Offer music entertainment as a compelling social experience. Our mobile entertainment platform and social music proposition enables operators and brands to offer rich mobile content engagement. Through social music discovery, content sharing, automated social promotion and unique mobile monetization, Akazoo helps drive new revenue generation and brand awareness.

Offer value, drive high returns

A social music proposition offered as a converged service across digital channels, Akazoo is a premium service with true engagement and high perceived subscriber value that your customers will want to sign up to, instantly!

Increase brand value, maximize retention

When partnering with the Akazoo, your brand is associated with the latest, most current trends that music and social networking have to offer, helping drive unparalleled customer retention and brand loyalty.

Access anytime, anywhere

When you offer Akazoo, you offer an entertainment proposition accessible anytime, anywhere without limits on PC and Mobile. Take a test run yourself, pick a playlist, stream it to your mobile device - and hear the quality that comes through the Cloud!