App Engagement

Minimob is the engine behind some of the world’s most successful mobile apps, providing a full suite of messaging and Smart Ad delivery tools; enabling automated alerts, rich media messaging and subscriptions. Our platform helps you maximize the success of your app, allowing you to build a communication strategy that will bring people back to your app day after day, extending its life and value thereby generating revenue.

Strengthen the connection with your users

Getting downloads and connecting with customers is hard, losing them is easy. Minimob lets you appropriately message users who haven't used your app for a while, or poll devices automatically to let customers know that their free trials are ending.

Engage your customers wherever they are

Minimob lets you reach your customers from any device they use. You can craft and send messages as well as a range of captivating advertising formats right to their mobile phone or tablet. With every operating system, we'll make it just as easy to reach your users, so you can focus on growing your business.

Traffic ads and monetize your inventory

If you have a mobile app, you've got multiple options to talk to and monetise your user base. Minimob is the most flexible mobile advertising service in the market for offering a swift return on investment. Integrate our lightweight SDK and use our Smart Ads to generate some significant ROI today.