Get right to the point

Deliver messages, content and services with MobiDialog; a simple-to-use platform that quickly helps you get the job done. Strategy is supported through a proven platform like MobiDialog - which ticks along at the center of everything; all interactions, transactions and data are effectively managed from a single point of control.

Interaction point

Reward response with pinpoint accuracy

Dramatically lift your day-to-day mobile marketing results; MobiDialog’s messaging module gives the ability to build lists, award points, carefully segment audiences and deliver personalized, highly-interactive messages that always keep customers interested.

See everything in a snapshot

With instant visibility, you'll be able to refine your efforts for better results – no matter where you focus the campaign media spend; be it traditional, online, or increasingly mobile.

Press the right buttons

Create and manage compelling offers ‘on-the-fly’ that encourage and drive revenues. The figures don’t lie, use the statistics and our logic to offer attractive options to consumers.

To know them is to love them

Once you attract a customer, you need to maintain relationships. Old school CRM is useful, but people want to be recognized & remembered; MobiDialog enables you both to ‘click’.

  • Attain an impressive 12% campaign conversion rate
  • Generate more than 16 billing events / user / campaign
  • Exceed a budget-bursting 35% increase in ARPU
  • Deliver a 20% decrease in subscriber 'churn'

App promotion point

Smart ads make you sharp returns

Publishers and developers are generating huge inventories of interaction and impressions that should reap greater rewards. Minimob is a self-service module for internal app cross-promotion and monetization. Through Minimob’s proprietary technology, developer partners can magnify their success on existing and new apps.



Push notifications

Push notifications allow you to send tailored messages directly to the people who have installed your app, even when your app is closed. Send valuable messages to the entire audience, or segment your audience into specific groups – even send custom messages to individuals.


Opening interstitials have evolved to become an accepted part of the advertisers armoury. In the mobile domain, a short full screen ad, for example during a background download or during natural breaks in app usage, captures attention and offers maximum screen estate.


An AdWall incorporates an intelligent scrollable multi-part presentation of advertising and then builds on it with effective CTA's namely; Click-to-URL, Click-to-Call, Click-to-Text, Click-to-Market. Users are free to click on the ads and offers they like and they are not incentivised.


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Entertainment point

Unlimited content, On-Demand, On-The-Go

Akazoo allows its partners to offer unlimited social music streaming services to their customers on mobile smart phones over 3G/4G networks and on the web. Complete with a music catalogue of 15 million tracks (major and indie labels), the cloud based content platform can be under freemium, premium subscription and à la carte models - or bundled with operator data packages to help drive monetization and boost subscriber loyalty.



Content engine

At the core of the “Akazoo” module lies a scalable metadata and content ingestion engine that supports the aggregation and distribution of tens of millions of media items, using widely adopted music formats with bit rates uniquely optimized for web and mobile.

Search engine

Intelligent search engine, based on dynamic and predictive context-aware algorithms allows for real-time universal search across multiple music categories and languages. A mix of criteria provide amazingly accurate results and recommendations to drive new music discovery.

Social engine

Akazoo’s user relationship engine includes tight and seamless account integration with leading social services, such as Facebook, allowing for automated viral promotion through social notifications, alert publishing and personalized recommendations.

Personal user library

Through cloud-based storage and automated device synchronization, each user can  create an integrated personal music library of purchased or streamable content, accessible through all major web browsers and native mobile smart phone applications. 

Mobile & online billing

Integrated cross-channel billing system enables the creation of multiple monetization paths across mobile and online channels. Advanced subscription management supports single click, once-off or recurring billing scenarios that build user credits.


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Reporting point

Where results always matter, minute by minute

More often than not, identifying what has led to a successful campaign and what needs to be changed, is left to reviews that put monochromatic spreadsheets front-and-center of a dull business assessment. Practitioners know different, the mobile world is truly dynamic, adaptive – and even small changes can make a big difference to your bottom line.



Make sense of consumer behavior

Consumer behavior is tracked to measure effectiveness of engagement by analyzing user profile statistics, adoption trigger points, consumption patterns, click through conversions, and data needed to measure purchase intent; it’s reporting that goes beyond basic metrics.

Graphically work thru transactions

It’s not easy graphing the correlation between let’s say; MSISDN verification, subscription activation, subscriber base measurement, revenue analysis (new users, renewal/re-trial subscription, one-off payments etc.) settlement reporting – so we put it into pictures for you.

Get to know your customers

What makes the customer tick? What makes them commit to spend? Enjoy in-depth reports on visitors, conversion rates, the effectiveness of offers, plus those of affiliate marketing. Get usable analysis of traffic & stats for each transaction defined by the service; just log in!


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Optimization point

Combine instinct & insight for perfect performance

The digital industry has matured to a point where entire segments of budget are now allocated purely to optimization. What began with SEO, has become a laundry list of approaches for marketers to rate campaign success & define opportunity; fortunately MobiDialog short cuts this effort helping you.



Keep what works, improve what doesn’t

A system can tell you a lot, but subtleties remain. A mere change of word, capitalization, or placement – or distribution by hour, or minute; can lead to insights that alter the course of success and engagement. More than 10 years of algorithmic testing allows MobiDialog to suggest communications that work.


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Mobile payment point

Simple, seamless and secure

InternetQ’s long history of working with subscriber billing has now evolved to an even greater level of sophistication with its Kanzaroo™ product, offering a new dimension in mobile payment. It is a complete, seamless payment platform, enabling website owners & Mobile App developers to charge for their services in a variety of ways.



Give everyone some credit!

In its landmark report, McKinsey identified that more than half the world’s adult population was ‘unbanked’ BUT with Kanzaroo™ everyone, everywhere with a mobile device can pay for your content by selecting from a range of billing options familiar to them, especially via their mobile phone.

Offer easy payment options

There is less friction in the buying process than there used to be and Kanzaroo™ adapts to provide the choices that make confirming purchases easy for visitors to your site, or App. Simple, one-click access to payment through a mobile device, credit card or bank account.

All your earnings in one place

Use the Kanzaroo™ dashboard to view the comprehensive payment solution which combines Direct Carrier Billing, InApp Billing, Premium SMS, Premium Rate Solutions (IVR) and Sofort Banking; to form a product that’s easy to understand – and manage, all from a single point of access.


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