When smart, fast-paced professionals from different disciplines and backgrounds work together, the results are exceptional, not only in terms of business performance, but also in terms of personal development. At InternetQ, our goal is to strengthen our business through our most valued assets - employees. We believe in hard and meaningful work and we are honored to have professionals who share their passion for technology and communication.

Why InternetQ?


InternetQ has many success stories to share over the years; however its biggest success story is its impressive growth, as a global player in the mobile marketing area. This achievement came largely as result of its learning culture. Over the years, InternetQ has developed a particular platform which facilitates on-the-­job training for all new hires and operates as a reference point for all employees. People learn by doing and by working together with some of the industry’s leading experts.


Technology is at the core of InternetQ’s DNA. Our technology is innovative; we develop products and services that first of all touch the hearts and minds of the people who work for InternetQ globally, and this has proven to be a key factor of our continuing success. Our people are encouraged to think themselves as innovators, always striving to bring something new in mobile communication and entertainment.

A global diverse organization

At InternetQ we are operating in a global environment, constantly expanding our presence in new territories across the world; we value diversity and foster an inclusive culture that embraces our differences and drives innovation in everything we do. It’s another reason our products and services are so exceptional, and why we have been recognized as leaders in the mobile marketing industry. For us, diversity has a real power. It’s an investment in our present and in our future. That’s why we celebrate and respect the rich culture and differences of our employees, customers, business partners, and communities in which we do business. Moreover, our continuous growth gives everyone the opportunity to work around the world!

A dynamic environment

InternetQ is an exciting place to be; we offer a dynamic environment, where you can use your energy, initiative, flexibility, and talent to build your career while working closely with a group of innovative and highly talented people. This can sometimes be challenging. Our people are professionals who retain their focus despite any change in priorities, are quick decision makers, who find solutions and react quickly, in response to emerging business needs and a fast growing area such as mobile marketing and advertising.

Open communication

Across all levels, functions and locations we have created an open communication environment, where we encourage active listening and promote the exchange of ideas, viewpoints and best practices. Our cornerstone however is the great relationships we are proud to build in a friendly and youthful atmosphere.