18 Mar 15
At InternetQ, we are all for ‘thematics’ and in this case, event organisers like the GSMA helping the masses to more easily understand just where the industry is going.

Yet, this year there was a delicious paradox – not just great cuisine – in Barcelona. Whilst 93,000 executives went along to seemingly witness the "Edge of Innovation" (Samsung Galaxy 6 anyone?) – the single most obvious thing about the conference, was that mobile now sits at the very centre of everyday life, human communication and what we like to call 'constant' commerce.

As such, companies like InternetQ and its minimob platform, which proactively connects advertisers to consumers across the app ecosystem and beyond, form a central pivot on which revenue is being generated in this explosive new economy. Rarely has the senior management team, which was once again out in full force at this year’s Congress, seen such foot traffic at its stand in Hall 8.1, having been a pioneer exhibitor in App Planet since its earliest iteration.

Companies and contacts from all over the world, roughly 200 countries, sought out InternetQ and quickly appreciated that the increasing business focus on driving installations for App publishers and monetizing relationships with subscribers; continues to be our all-encompassing objective. The core focus for all mobile businesses, regardless of any fancy hardware, such as the connected tennis racket on display this year – is to profitably engage the end-user.

MWC15 had the usual parade of industry luminaries, with Mark Zuckerberg consecutively aligning himself with Barcelona, almost in the same vein as Steve Balmer and CES! Celebrities like John Cleese officiated at the dispensing of the Global Mobile Awards – for which InternetQ has been an official Judge during the past four years; plus there were super-slick launches like the G6.

In aerial, amphibious and hand-to-hand combat, the battle of the OEM handset brands took place in Hall 3 – wherever you looked, handset manufacturers had screens featuring; well, the ‘features’ of their phones (and tabs). As many as 20 smartphones were launched during the week. Not much to say about tabs this year, but Jolla was at least recognised for innovation with its flavour of device.

Additionally, the GSMA had built a dedicated ‘Innovation City’ exhibit with wearables such as fitness bands and smartwatches served as a side dish to even more exciting things like the 3D Food Printer. But despite all that hype, the main course of business was smartphones, whereby four billion people will soon be connected in whatever way they wish to be, with smart devices and services by 2020. 

18 Mar 15
InternetQ's VP of Marketing & Corporate Relations, Colin Miles, will moderate the panel discussion "Internet Giants' Dialogue" on 25 March, at 10.55am.
Bangkok, Thailand
24 Mar 2015 - 26 Mar 2015
18 Mar 15
Gamers, app developers, mobile marketers and industry professionals meet with the InternetQ team @ the new entry of the Apps World series in Berlin.
Berlin, Germany
22 Apr 2015 - 23 Apr 2015
18 Mar 15
Ready for the International Games Week Berlin? InternetQ showcases in Europe's longest-standing professional game developers' conference. 
Berlin, Germany
21 Apr 2015 - 23 Apr 2015
18 Mar 15
Visitors to ad:tech India will get a chance to explore minimob, the "one-stop" mobile marketing & advertising platform for CPI-campaign management.
New Delhi, India
19 Mar 2015 - 20 Mar 2015
7 Jan 15
At this time, it's quite easy to slip into the reviews, roundups and predictions-driven roulette wheel of industry opinion. Simply add-in a couple of surveys with headline stats and watch the blogs become a feeding frenzy of 'trends' to follow.

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We often think these links should come with a potential 'misdirection' warning, because sometimes agendas and trends can become slightly over-lapping. Nevertheless, the past couple of weeks have featured really great news for InternetQ, in that every expert utterance pertaining to our mobile marketing business has been uniformly positive.

Here's a recap of the stand-out headlines that caught our eye:

Global advertising spend will increase 4.9% in 2015 and total $545 billion. The article went on the articulate that Mobile is expected to be the biggest driver of global advertising growth, contributing 51% of all additional spend between 2014 and 2017. So, basically another $40 billion gets moved across projected digital spend into our clients’ Minimob shopping basket!

Mobile Gaming downloads to double from 30B to 60B by 2018. According to a new pair of studies, mobile game downloads are projected to double to 60 billion by 2018. IDC’s research director of gaming, Lewis Ward, said in a report that mobile gaming is the “brightest star of the game industry. The market as a whole will grow rapidly, though, and swing dramatically in the direction of Asia/Pacific, and Android-based devices in particular, by 2018." Given the success Minimob has had driving App Installs for Game publishers, this mobile marketing opportunity is vast.

A Sneak Peek Into Mobile Advertising Trends For 2015. A piece which states that the future of mobile advertising sees a subtle shift in spends from app installs to SKU-based re-targeting. The writer “expects to see eCommerce spends shift from attracting new app users to SKU-based re-targeting, where users are targeted with specific product ads based on their intent.” Minimob campaigns enable profitable re-targeting and also provides insightful data for pre-targeting, which conversely pops-up next in our list!

Eight Reasons Why 2015 Will Be a Huge Year for Mobile Marketers. Pre-targeting is the new real-time! Well, for this writer (Charlie Faulkener) mobile advertising is soon "moving beyond targeting based on past behaviour and search history, 2015 will see the emergence of pre-targeting: predictive targeting using big data and little data to anticipate, infer and address consumer needs." Either way, you have-to-have the data, as such the distribution of our SDK gives us a major head-start. 

Conveniently, for the theme of this blog, as part of the: Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2015. It’s noted here that “Mobile Marketing Platforms Will Enter the Spotlight. The current fragmented state of the industry shows us countless ad networks, ad exchanges, and a complex advertising process. These obstacles make it difficult for mobile advertisers to keep up with the industry, reach their customers, and calculate returns.” Hence the demand for platforms and programmatic services which can simplify the process. Clearly, InternetQ is in the right place, at the right time!

Looking back over a succession of previous new year’s, I recall endless jokes about (any year, feel free to pick one) in the previous decade being named "the year of mobile advertising", but this ironic title has now come full circle as, despite themselves, some industry watchers (who liked to guffaw quite loudly when this topic came up at conferences) have been by-passed in the blink of an eye.

As the revenue and usage numbers start to crank-up dramatically in all areas of mobile advertising growth; and especially the budgets being allocated to them – we can at least safely assume that (prior to 2016) the industry will also be full of sizeable predictions once again!

5 Nov 14
You may be just about old enough remember the globally successful hit “Love is All Around” which brought UK popsters Wet, Wet, Wet international stardom off the back of the movie soundtrack to ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ – and enjoyed a record 15 consecutive weeks at Number One in 1994; but now Akazoo proves that it’s the Music that is ‘all around’ in its latest partnership launch.

MTN Cyprus, a member of the MTN Group (a multinational telecommunications company operating in 22 countries) has recently partnered with InternetQ to launch Akazoo, the unlimited social music streaming service, exclusively for its subscribers.

Leveraging a flamboyant and artistically creative theme, a sonorous media blitz accompanied the uber-cool product launch; which beautifully highlighted the multi-faceted and youthful audience for the ‘Akazoo by MTN’ service demonstrating exactly how it’s done with “Unlimited  music anytime & anywhere you want it” (often with funky headphones) these days!

For this pulsating project, Akazoo has been made its catalogue available as an affordable' add-on' option, which provides a two-month free introduction to the social streaming music service followed by a subscription, whereby music fans can listen to their favourite music wherever they go for just €6.49 for their unlimited premium package.

Following the blast of nationwide TV ads, eye-catching online marketing campaigns and unique in-store promotion; 'Akazoo by MTN' is now the talk of the town.

And with its boisterous announcement, plus some tremendously harmonious teamwork between MTN Cyprus and InternetQ PLC., Akazoo by MTN is made live providing streaming access  to more than 20 million songs exclusively to subscribers anywhere, anytime!

So, no matter where you are in Cyprus, you can be sure that the Music is All Around!

25 Sep 14
Indeed, as the saying goes, things often seem to happen in three's, and as the time comes for InternetQ PLC to formally release its interim results (September 30th), it's good to reflect on the opportunities the company has to further engage with the investor community at large.

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Following on from its successful appearance and exhibition at the Stock Market Show, managed by Shares Magazine, at the Business Design Centre, Islington on September 13th. InternetQ will also be speaking at the upcoming Proactive Investors One2One Investor Forum, likewise to be held in London, on Thursday the 2nd October.

Collectively, directors from the Deltex Medical Group (AIM: DEMG), InternetQ (AIM: INTQ), Venture Life Group (AIM: VLG) and Horizon Discovery Group (AIM: HZD) will be briefly presenting about their respective companies to the gathered audience of "sophisticated & private investors, private client brokers, fund managers, financial institutions, hedge funds, buy & sell side analysts and journalists".

More specifically, the event will be held at the Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel, 35 Charles Street, Mayfair in West London. The presentations themselves will start at 6:00pm and finish around 8:00pm. After the company talks are complete, the directors will also be available to take questions during a canapé and wine reception.

This type of high-touch occasion provides the perfect platform for InternetQ to further illustrate exactly what is happening in the Mobile market today and where the business strategy is headed; plus, answer any pertinent questions existing, or potential, shareholders may have.

We look forward to meeting you in Mayfair!

10 Sep 14
This Saturday, 13th September, InternetQ will be both exhibiting and speaking at the Stock Exchange Show being held in the Business Design Centre Islington, located in the heart of bustling north London, from 9am until 5:30pm – and of course, we will be delighted to meet up with any investors, or potential investors, looking for some insight into the company's future prospects.

Overall, the show itself is designed to help private investors fully understand the investment opportunities and scope that investing in the London Stock Exchange brings to their various portfolios. The Stock Market Show, as a concept, is created (and hosted) by Shares Magazine, in partnership with the London Stock Exchange. It is a one-day event connecting individual investors with listed companies and industry experts.

The event will host more than 45 presentations from selected listed companies as well as keynote speakers and investment professionals. It is billed as: "your chance to network with the exhibitors which include corporate brokers, AIM Company Nomads and private investor service providers, allowing you to gain an insight into a variety of investment options and in turn help make informed investment decisions."

Organisers are bullish, highlighting the day is about to become "a hot talking point among investors across the country", announcing that ‘This is Money’ is the official media partner. ‘This is Money’ is a website read by millions of people and part of the Daily Mail & General Trust (DMGT) media stable.

Attendees will hear from more than 50 speakers across 5 stages, including: product experts, CEOs from listed companies and renowned journalists from Shares including Daniel Coatsworth, Mark Dunne, Steven Frazer and Tom Sieber who will all be giving presentations on investing. There will also be some 40 exhibitors from a range of market-leading AIM companies, such as InternetQ PLC. So, see you there!

6 Aug 14
Android may take the biscuit for its creative naming rights, but it all boils down to one thing, in the Minimob Pâtisserie, fragmentation is a myth! Minimob developers can relax, safe in the knowledge that for their Apps – serving-up  three compliant flavours (Jellybean, Gingerbread & Ice Cream Sandwich) should satiate more than 90% of the marketplace! Plus, if you throw in a KitKat, then you potentially hit 98% of all our Android smartphones. Sweet!